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The politics of COVID-19

As the 2020 election gets underway, Joe Biden could have simply attempted to convince the public that the damage from the coronavirus pandemic demands a change in leadership. Instead, the Democratic Party has recently proven that its sole interest lies in harming President Trump, even when it means inflicting even greater harm on the American people.

For the past three years the Democratic Party has claimed that President Trump is a dictator who cannot be trusted with the power of the Presidency. Ironically, President Trump is now attacked by Democrats for not taking greater control of the country in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the leaders of the Democratic Party, businesses cannot reopen, our freedoms must be limited, and, ultimately, lockdown orders must be mandated to prevent the spread of the virus.

The essential argument is that the American people are not responsible enough to protect their own health, so the federal government must intervene to do so.

This is demanded even after the American public obeyed lockdown orders for the past two months, and unemployment claims have ballooned to almost forty million people.

Statistically speaking, there is conflicting evidence whether the lockdown orders have been effective. While the American public sheltered in place, the virus continued to spread.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, a staunch proponent of the lockdown, even stated, and was shocked, how at one point 66% of new coronavirus cases resulted from those who were staying at home.

They may have been silent carriers of the virus. On the other hand, the State of Florida reopened most of their economy faster than almost any other state, and now has one of the lowest death rates in the country.

As Republicans largely support reopening the economy while taking the precautions doctors recommend (handwashing, social distancing, not touching one’s face, masks in public places and extra precautions for the elderly) and Democratic leaders adamantly refuse to do so, the unique break along party lines implies that there is an ulterior motive behind the decisions being made.

What began as a way to “flatten the curve,” in an attempt to prevent the breakdown of our hospital system, has been transformed into a desire by the Democratic Party to extend the lockdown until a vaccine is found.

While there is no proof that a lockdown will prevent the spread of the virus, in reality, there is only one guaranteed result: the destruction of what was believed to be President Trump’s greatest political asset, a strong economy.

While the health of the general public should never be politicized, the coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly being used by the Democrats to achieve party goals.

We must never forget that the founders of this country risked their lives so that we can live freely in a free country, and we must defend these rights today. If draconian lockdown orders persist, it will only continue to prove that the Democratic Party is willing to lead the entire American economy to the slaughterhouse, for the sake of harming one person: President Trump.

Original: Arutz Sheva – David Billet