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The psychopathology of Liberalism

As a Yale graduate of one of the classes graduating in the early 21st century, I took pride in what I then viewed as the extraordinary intelligence and acuity of my classmates.

Two decades later I am humbled by the realization that in any debate or discussion, most of my former classmates are unable to critically read the latest New York Times or Washington Post editorial.

Admittedly, many of my former classmates have enjoyed very successful careers. This success has granted them little time to engage in the breadth and depth of reading necessary to entertain intelligent and fair opinions on more than a couple of topics. Nevertheless, this is not the fundamental vice affecting the East and West Coast intelligentsia.

The problem is deeper.

Liberalism gives most contemporary Ivy League graduates the spiritual bearings that religion gave to their grandparents.

Elites are impermeable to conservative counter arguments since they follow a religion with the following three main dogmas:

  1. All cultures are equal.
  2. All religions are equal.
  3. All human beings are equal.

Any evidence that challenges this dogmatic trinity rouses the indignation of aggravated prophets and holy books in other religions.

Highlighting the simplicity of liberal theology does not make it a primitive faith. On the contrary, it is a sophisticated creed that adopts some of the most successful strategies of other religions.

  1. From Judaism it absorbed intellectualism and a sense of election (albeit without the critical thinking habits of Talmud scholars and Jewish humbleness toward a higher authority).
  2. From Catholicism it adopted a love of rituals such as devoutly reading the NYT or WaPo or watching CNN and MSNBC.
  3. From Islam it embraced a boundless enthusiasm and openness toward proselytes and intolerance toward anything challenging doctrinal orthodoxy.

Alas, this exposition is more than a satire. It actually reflects my personal experience suggesting that no amount of debates and discussions makes secular liberals surrender an inch of their Truth. This attitude can be contrasted to that of progressively-minded devout Christians or observant Jews who are ultimately amenable to accepting the merits of alternative viewpoints.

Realizing that liberalism is a religion is important on several grounds:

  1. First of all, it allows intelligent conservatives to reclaim sovereignty over reason and rationality.
  2. Secondly, it makes it clear that we are experiencing the fruits of collective indoctrination on a massive scale courtesy of Western public school systems, universities, cultural establishments and mainstream media.
  3. Thirdly, it corroborates a belief I have long cherished: All humans are in essence religious. That is, if they do not seek spiritual nourishment in religious scriptures, they will find it in The Vagina Monologues or the New York Times.

In times when conservatives can be easily tempted to lose their cool in light of the hypocrisy, intolerance and double-standards of so many liberals, it is time to remember that we are facing religious zealots, not rational people.

This realization does not exempt liberals from their duties and responsibilities toward justice and fairness. It does however exempt us conservatives from feeling animosity and anger toward brainwashed human beings.

These human beings ultimately deserve our compassion and magnanimity – nothing more and nothing less.

Source: Rafael Castro – Arutz Sheva