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The Sacrifice of Fauci

Observers note that Dr Fauci – after years of being upheld, promoted, paid more than any other USG employee, awarded patents and accolades, serving President Minnie and Mickey alike – is being thrown under the bus.

Mainstream media, Congress, international organizations, and even the occupant the Oval office, with its comforting pastels and affirming stripes, seem to be aligned in preparation for the sacrifice of Tony Fauci.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, but what’s it really about?

In the world of sociopaths within government and government’s corporate and non-profit influencers, there is no loyalty. There is only service to a cause, and when the cause changes or the service is no longer useful, men and women, their lives and reputations, are less than pawns.

For most of last year, Fauci was very useful in painting former president Trump as a science denialist and dictatorial prick.

This impacted the election as much as any other factor, including US voter fraud and manipulation, which has been endemic since the late 1700s.

Fauci as sympathetic, oft-abused, and wholly innocent fear-monger-in-chief throughout 2020 was an effective tool, and he was utilized well by the opposition party. Naturally, Biden’s advisors kept him on.

But as Mark Twain noted, truth eventually puts her shoes on and begins her race.

Today, the many Fauci flip flops are common knowledge, and a source of shared laughter across the political aisles. We have reached a vaccination tolerance level in the county of around 50% of adults, and this was only possible through Fauci, taxpayer-funded “free” shots, incessant and maximum use of the Ad Council, the ADA, and mainstream media, and our social media controllers.

Each of these forces have been utilized by the powers that be (government connected sociopaths) in ways that would make Goebbels proud, and that truly indicates how the American future may be shaped through propaganda.

Imagine the national “success” of a vaccination campaign that did not rely on daily and hourly massive reminders, admonishments, and shaming from social and governmental influencers, pressure by government and government-contracted employers (impacting at least 50% of salaried working adults in this country including teachers, the medical profession, the Medicare pyramid, the military, and all their contractors and beneficiaries), and “cost-free” shots? For a disease that is deadly in few cases, highly treatable and survivable when symptoms present, and one that often presents harmlessly with no symptoms in the healthy, this governmental effort is unprecedented.

It is also illogical.

To understand Fauci’s fate, one must consider what’s coming in the next 6 months.

  • First, school kids and college kids will not be taking these genetic therapies and recently developed, experimental injections to go to college – despite school and college demands that they do so. This has two impacts – it drives health and independent minded parents into home schools and alternatives such as remote learning, and it helps reduce the number of students taking loans to attend federally funded colleges. This shift causes intergenerational stress across political lines, and could cause demand for change.
  • Secondly, court cases challenging every aspect of the vaccine science and policy, as well as injuries, will begin to make their way through the courts. The massive tax funded indemnification of all aspects of the pharmaceutical industries involved here and elsewhere will increasingly become visible, and the socialization of risk and the privatization of profit will take on new meaning to the left, and to the right. Voters may begin to change their mind on these issues, creating a new unity around rights, liberties, and government lies.
  • Thirdly, after effects of the many vaccinated elderly and middle aged will remain fluid and murky. These after-effects will be compounded and complicated as flu shots, COVID booster shots, and new mRNA therapies are authorized for disease treatment and prevention. Elderly death numbers will climb as boomers age out, but rates themselves will also climb, as unexpected vascular and clotting-related deaths occur throughout this population. Reporting of these numbers will be explained as generational norms, but it will cause angst for families and friends, and they will seek blame. It’s also a way to prolong the social security Ponzi scheme, and offers huge new inheritance tax opportunities for states and the Feds. Massive real world inflation, coinciding with an end to the “step-up basis” is one of many avenues being pursued in advance of the die-off. These events and shifts will harm both sides of the voting populace, and could cause additional questioning of the narrative.

The three examples above can each be credited to Fauci, and blamed on Fauci.

If he persists as a public figure however, hard-won political division in our society over the COVID situation could transform into shared opinions, and even a kind of populist unity. Crisis or collapse as a result of uncontrolled inflation or war, or both, remain a small risk. But in the eyes of government sociopaths, the potential “healing” of the Fauci political divide is the greater risk.

To understand Fauci’s fate today, one must also consider what’s coming in the next 17 months.

The new congressional districts are known, and electoral risks to the left globalists are real. Our controllers need us to remain deeply divided over what we want from government, moderately confused and fearful over our physical and economic health, and somewhat angry. That is non-negotiable.

Which leads us to the ongoing cancelation of the Fauci show, via retirement or possible service in a far away global health organization.

Fauci served as a “science” foil to Trump’s frenetic personality and undermining any Trump policy success in 2020. However, today Fauci is beginning to disengage and confuse the left, while his presence is beginning to focus and activate the right, and create less clear political division issues – including but not limited to the COVID response.

The New York Times and the Washington Post (as well as the Zuck and Twitter) have now begun to allow the narrative – actively suppressed for the past 18 months – introducing into the acceptable headspace of the American consumer that this highly transmissible and infections virus was likely the result of gain of function research in Wuhan, possibly that conducted by US scientists in a Fauci-enabled offshoring of such work after Obama banned it domestically in 2014.

If one has been surprised at how the Bush family prevailed in Washington, and how the largely unlikeable Clinton family (for which Biden is space holder) has remained presidentially viable, then one might be surprised to see the presidential lineup for 2024.

As for Republicans, the demonization of Trump will be complete by then, thanks in part to a collapsing anti-populist GOP and Bezos’s purchase of MGM.

No doubt our controllers have been concerned about the vigorous debates between Fauci and Senator Paul, and wish to prevent another populist Republican from emerging into the electoral arena.

Thus, there is good reason now to begin to present Fauci as an enemy, rather than a savior.

First, all coming emergent issues, problems, data and challenges relating to the COVID era (both economic cost and health disaster) may legitimately be blamed on him, as a Trump man. This will frustrate and divide the right who justifiably despise him as a betrayer of Trump, and help re-unify the compliant Trump-hating left that is itself just now beginning to question the COVID experiment.

The placeholder president and his utterly incompetent vice president both need to be replaced by popular, racially diverse, and soothing globalists, with experience, perhaps before 2024.

Barack Obama will lead this effort, and he is electable, especially if Fauci’s arrogance, lies, and criminality can be used to showcase Obama’s moral vision and predictive wisdom.

Biden is an American Konstantin Chernenko, an unhealthy, second-choice, political parasite whose days are numbered by nature and politics.

After Chernenko came Gorbachov, and liberation from the USSR and the end of the Cold War.

As an optimist, I can foresee that what comes after Biden could indeed lead to more liberty, the end of the American empire abroad, and a repudiation of the unsustainable federal debt burden via the secession of many states into smaller, more competitive and more peaceful organic republics.

However, you can be sure our masters in DC and NYC and Davos are already hard at work ensuring this does not happen. And that’s why they are throwing Fauci under the bus now.

Source: Karen Kwiatkowski – LewRockwell