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We are thrilled that so many readers like you have joined The Times of Israel Community since we begin the program in late 2019. Your support is a vote of confidence in our work, inspiring us to redouble our commitment to independent, high-quality, and fair-minded journalism covering Israel and the Jewish world.

If you haven’t yet joined the Community, please do so. While supporting our journalism for as little as $6 a month, you’ll also be entitled to an ad-free experience on The Times of Israel — plus exclusive content and status as a Times of Israel Community member.

Since we launched The Times of Israel in February 2012, it has gradually established itself as the leading source of evenhanded and nonpartisan journalism on Israel, the region and the Jewish world. We now average over 8 million unique users each month and over 40 million monthly page views. We maintain a vibrant blog platform, on which some 9,000 bloggers post. We have partnered with seven leading Jewish newspapers around the world to offer a global network of local coverage. And we publish in five languages, including in Hebrew on our sister site, Zman Yisrael.

The growth of The Times of Israel, its resonance and its credibility stem in large part from our growing investment in original journalism.

By joining The Times of Israel Community, you’ll be helping us to keep our reporting independent, cutting-edge — and free

As the years have passed, we’ve devoted ever greater financial resources to our reporting and editing, hiring talented new staffers so that we can give readers more groundbreaking material — more original reporting from around the Jewish world; more investigative journalism, including award-winning work highlighting financial corruption; more expert analysis to enable readers to better understand the news and form nuanced, credibly based opinions.

Unlike many other news outlets, we do not charge for access to our content. All of our material is available to readers free of charge. We haven’t put up a paywall. And that’s not changing.

Instead, we are inviting you to invest in our work by joining The Times of Israel Community. You can make a monthly contribution from $6 and up — $10, $20, or any other sum that you are comfortable with. We, in turn, give special benefits to all community members, regardless of the sum paid.

Journalism in the internet era is a challenging business in many ways, notably economically. Revenue from ads on internet pages is far lower than revenue from print editions. By joining The Times of Israel Community, you’ll be helping us to keep our reporting independent, cutting-edge — and free.

We hope you too believe that’s worth doing.

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