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The West will suffer from Trump’s decision in the years ahead

This decision leaves the Kurds utterly defenseless – and this is where the West will suffer from Trump’s mistake in the years ahead.

The Kurds are incapable of both guarding 12,000 ISIS fighters/terrorists and taking on the Turkish onslaught at the same time. They will release ISIS to concentrate on fighting for their survival against invading Turkish forces.

This will scatter ISIS terrorists who will leave the Middle East and spread into Europe, Asia, Africa, southern and central America, and will eventually infiltrate into America and Canada to continue their global campaign of conquest.

The consequences will be dire.

Erdogan calls the Kurds terrorists.

Trump and the West have to come down hard on Turkey if Erdogan continues to attack the Kurds of northern Syria.

And what is the plan for thousands of ISIS terrorists when Turkey opens a corridor through northern Syria and removed the SDA? Will Erdogan guard and feed them?

I doubt it. Trump should think again.