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The whole earth has come under the jurisdiction of Islam

“World-renowned author sees Islamists conquering Europe,” headlines the Danish newspaper Berlingske. “The forecast is grim, but award-winning writer Boualem Sansal has no doubts: Islamists will gradually take over democracies in Europe. The rise of Hamas is just the beginning of a threat that the ‘incompetent governments’ of the West have failed to understand. And the war is already underway.”
Sansal is not a passerby, but the most esteemed Arab novelist.

“The whole earth has come under the jurisdiction of the rule of Islam.” Thus in the latest Journal du Manche by Gilles Kepel, the most famous expert on Islam in France.

“Today, this movement benefits from the woke and decolonial wave coming from American campuses, which supports the relativity of Western values and the sacredness of the ‘oppressed’. The Christian heritage is destined to be erased by the triumph of a universal Islam, because Jews and Christians have ‘falsified their Scriptures’, and the only Truth lies in the Koranic message.”

Let us reread his words carefully: “The whole earth has entered the jurisdiction of the dominion of Islam”.

Yet Pope Francis, who one might expect, given his title, to act as the guardian of Christian Europe, seems to think this is not much to worry about.

As early as 1999, the Catholic Archbishop of Izmir claimed that an Islamic scholar had openly said at an Islamic-Christian dialogue meeting that “thanks to your democratic laws we will invade you; thanks to our religious laws we will dominate you.” At least the imam was honest, unlike Western politicians committed to dismantling borders.

Europe, in fact, is in turmoil due to the mass migration policies of the EU elites. Immigration has become the dominant issue throughout the European Union

Meanwhile, European cities watched helplessly as pro-Hamas demonstrations by Islamic migrants, aided by their useful idiots on the left.

In 2014, the then Prime Minister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt, gave a television interview in which he stated that the borders are completely fictitious constructions and that the Swedish territory does not belong to the Swedes at all: “What is Sweden as a country? Is this nation owned by those who have lived here for four generations or is it an open country made up of people who arrive and perhaps were born in another country? And that’s what they make of Sweden being Sweden.”

Infected by this ideology, the panicked response of European authorities so far has been to label anyone who speaks out about the problems of mass immigration as “right-wing extremists”.

In France, faithful practicing Muslims have already surpassed Catholics.

Kepel and Sansal are two intellectuals, but now there are also some of the highest European security leaders to raise the alarm.

The former German spy chief, Hans-Georg Maaßen, just stated in an interview that Europe is facing an unprecedented crisis due to immigration and that Islam is ready to conquer Europe.

“A completely different culture is approaching us and we are not prepared for this at all,” said Maaßen, who was head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) from 2012 to 2018. “Europeans will succumb to Islam. The end result will be the gradual destruction of European cultures.”

Maaßen’s warnings may have been prescient people, as Europe is experiencing rapid demographic change. Pew Research has already noted in a report that Europe’s Muslim population could triple by 2050, to 76 million.

Maaßen’s is the latest cry of alarm from a senior security official.

In recent weeks Rainer Wendt, former chief of the German police union, the largest in Europe, said:

  • “We are facing an unprecedented challenge in post-war history.” The risk of a collapse is “very real”, warns Wendt, and the police are seeing a loss of control of the situation.
  • “Radical Islamists question the power in our streets. If no action is taken, sharia will prevail instead of the constitution. The time has come to return to the fundamental values of our societies. Otherwise the country will collapse and the law of the strongest will prevail. This must never happen, internal unrest would endanger the life of our country.”

Until the j’accuse of the former head of the French secret services Pierre Brochand (Direction générale de la Sécurité extérieure), who in a round table of Res Publica says: “It is enough to coldly enumerate the characteristics to measure the impact of what is there happening: massive volumes of flows, colonizing vocation, absence of political and economic regulation, non-European and Muslim majority civilization, post-colonial spirit of revenge, reluctance to mix, preference for endogamy, fertility rate higher than that of the host people , and above all – incredible innovation – non-convergent evolution over generations. In my eyes, this progressive upheaval is the only challenge we face and the only one that directly threatens civil peace on our territory.”

In all “multi” societies, Brochand warns, “minorities are violent and winners, majorities placid and losers”. “

  • While I try to avoid paranoia, I freely admit that I am obsessed with the threat that immigration, as we know it, poses to the future of our country. If nothing is done to reduce it to its simplest expression, all my experiences lead me to predict a dark, very dark future for our children and grandchildren. At best, they will head towards an unsuspected collapse of their quality of life (implosion); in the worst case, terrible clashes (the explosion). It’s most likely a combination of the two.”

In 2044, 43 percent to 50 percent of all births in France will be to non-European immigrants.

From 0 to 50 percent in a century. Alfred Sauvy was right to observe that demographics are like the short hand of the clock: it seems immobile, but it is the most important.

Here are the words that Jerome wrote to a friend at the time of the fall of Rome:

  • “For 20 years blood has been shed daily between Constantinople and the Alps. The Goths, Sarmatians and Huns devastated it with deportations and looting. Bishops are taken prisoner, priests and clerics murdered. Mourning, lament and the image of death are everywhere. The Roman world is crumbling.”

If Europe does not take its demographic and cultural future into its own hands now, these words, which still seem alarmist today, will one day be written by others. I tremble at the thought of the Europe in which mine children and grandchildren will live.

Source: Giulio Meotti – Arutz Sheva