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The World of Lies on Steroids

The lies that abound in this World of Lies have never been more bold, yet so obvious, and at the same time, so cherished. Our governments and media were always lying to us, but so very few citizens were aware of it. That is changing, thank God. On the other hand, those who continue to trust the ‘experts’ and the ‘authorities’ whom they believe have only our best interests at heart cling more fiercely than ever to the lies they tell and anyone who disagrees or questions the official narrative is an enemy, no, worse – a demon in human form – someone not fit to live in the same world with them. Their hatred for anyone who varies from the official (acceptable) narrative can be palpable.

It’s astonishing and disheartening to see the same old emotional appeals and psychological tricks being rolled out all over again and with the same level of success.

From fake pandemic to scripted war – the manipulation is masterful, and in some cases, even deadly.

Is the censorship now old hat? Does it no longer bother us that it is impossible to hear Russia’s side of anything? All Russian reporting has been banned from platforms and anyone supporting even their right to be heard is censored from social media.

Today, Western diplomats walked out on the Russian Foreign Minister’s speech at the UN! Isn’t the UN supposed to be the place where every nation can be heard? Wow!

The shameful, one-sided, biased reporting that is being allowed does not tolerate any challenge or opposing view. Is this consistent with human rights in the marketplace of ideas so lauded by the principles of democracy? Of course not! The 1% only pays lip service to the ideals of humanism and democracy because in truth it is they who are demonic, who worship the Satan as their god.

The only reports the world is allowed to hear is what is coming out from Western sources which is again full of over-the-top fear-mongering – “Putin is going to invade Ukraine and take over all of Europe!”

It’s so insane in its demonization of Russia and its white-washing of Ukraine that you just know some agenda has to be at work behind the scenes. There is no other way to explain it.

I am decidedly NOT taking a side because they are BOTH “bad for the Jews.”

This is not our fight, but it IS instructive for when it becomes our fight. In an effort to shake some sense into the heads of my fellow Jews who have joined in this free-for-all, headlong rush to embrace the lies glorifying Ukraine/Zelensky (“Maccabee” indeed!! He couldn’t be more of a Hellenist!), I’d like to give you something else to think about.

Feel free to investigate further on your own. The truth hasn’t been totally expunged – yet.

In his most recent speech, Putin said, in part, that he wants to “de-Nazify” Ukraine and the West made a joke out of it. “Ukraine has a Jewish president for goodness sake – they can’t be Nazis!” Oh, yeah?

Source: Tomer Devorah