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‘Third wave’: Average age of death from COVID-19 declining

Israel Hayom reports a new study indicates a decrease in the average age for COVID-19 mortality rate in Israel.

If in the “first wave” the average age of death was 81, between November and January it dropped by four years. It is estimated that as the age of the deceased decreases, the number of lost life years increases.

As time passes since the COVID-19 outbreak began in Israel, the average age of the deceased decreases.

According to the data, in the first wave (March-May) the average age was 81.

In the second wave (June-October) the average age of those dying from COVID-19 was 79.

During the third wave (November-January) the average age was 77.

Another study, conducted by Clalit Health Services several months ago, found 44 percent of patients who were reported to have died from coronavirus had had a life expectancy of five years or more. Only a negligible percentage of the patients who died had an expected life expectancy of six months or less.

Now that it has become clear that the average age of deceased in the third wave has dropped by about three years, it can be assumed that the loss of life years following the outbreak is even greater than initially estimated.

The data also indicate the risk factors from which the deceased suffered: 1,463 (33%) suffered from hypertension, 1,140 (26%) from diabetes, 923 (21%) suffered from heart disease, 353 (8%) suffered from chronic lung disease, 131 (3%) suffered from immunosuppression, and 46 (1%) suffered from chronic liver disease. [total: 91%]

Some of the deceased suffered from more than one risk factor. Nearly 200 people are reported to have died from coronavirus since the beginning of the week, and the number of deaths in January is the highest since the outbreak began, standing at 1,161 on Wednesday night, representing an average of 43 deaths per day.

Header: A medic in a coronavirus ward at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem (courtesy of Hadassah Medical Center)

Source: Arutz Sheva