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This is how much Israeli Supreme Court justices earn each month

Israeli judges are paid a total of 46,700,000 shekel ($14,225,231) each month, a newly-released report showed.

According to the Judges’ Salary report for 2019, which was publicized recently on Kan Reshet Bet, Supreme Court Chief Justice Esther Hayut’s average monthly salary for tax calculations is 104,256 shekels ($31,757).

Courts Director Judge Yigal Marzel and National Labor Court President Judge Varda Wirth Livne earn approximately 98,000 shekels ($29,852) per month, and Supreme Court Deputy Chief Justice Hanan Melcer earns approximately 89,999 shekels ($27,414) per month.

The average monthly salary for tax calculations paid to other Supreme Court justices is 85,334 shekels ($25,993) per month, and the salary paid to Judge Daphna Blatman Kedrai, who runs the Judges Training Institute, is 76,000 shekels ($23,150) per month.

The average salary earned by District Court judges is 68,000 shekels ($20,713) per month, and their senior judges earn 78,000 shekels ($23,759) per month.

Magistrates Court judges earn 53,360 shekels ($16,253) per month, while their senior judges earn approximately 66,000 shekels ($20,104) per month.

Source: Arutz Sheva