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‘This is not a joke:’ Burger with only cheese released

The fast food chain Burger King has recently launched a new product in Thailand, which is causing a stir.

The name of the product is the “cheeseburger”, but it does not include the traditional meat patty. It consists of a bun with 20 slices of high-fat American cheese inside. In addition, the new “cheeseburger” does not contain any sauces or toppings.

Burger King prides itself on the fact that it is the “real cheeseburger” and thus it appears in all the broadcasts and advertising signs put up by the company in the Thai market. “This is not a joke. This is real,” said a post published by Burger King on social media.

The price of the new cheeseburger is 109 Thai baht (11.5 NIS, or 3.25 USD). Im Jiptash, a 25-year-old engineer from Thailand who tried the new cheeseburger, told CNN about the experience in an interview.

  • “I like cheese, but this was a little more than I could handle. I could only finish half of it. That’s a crazy amount of cheese added to one hamburger bun. Food is good when the ingredients are in the right combination.”

Other customers who tried the huge amount of cheese that was squeezed into a bun also claimed that it was a completely excessive product that could not be eaten. “I won’t try it again. I like a few slices of cheese, but not that much,” said Alyssa Chuangwiroj, a 26-year-old entrepreneur.

On the other hand, one of the managers of the Burger King branches in Bangkok claimed that the demand for the product was very high in the first few days and he even had to stop telephone orders for the new cheeseburger in order to continue supplying it to customers who came to the branch themselves.

Source: Arutz Sheva