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‘This is not our war’: At least 70 thousand people took part in rallies in Prague

The organizers demanded that the government resign by September 25, saying that they would hold new actions if this did not happen.

The rally united citizens with different views, politicians from various political parties and movements, as well as activists of different organizations who decided to “fight together for the future of the country.”

The organizers of the action criticized the government for high energy prices, as well as the generally pro-Western course of the current government.

The demonstrators demanded the ensuring of gas supplies at low prices, i.e. from Russia, change of the electricity payment system and free the Czech industry from dependence on foreign companies.

The citizens also demanded to free their country from direct political subordination to the EU, WHO and the UN.

Among the demands there are the assurance of freedom of speech in the media .

The protesters demanded the declaration of neutrality of the Czech Republic in the Ukrainian war and “stop diluting the nation with Ukrainian refugees.”

  • The predicted chaos in Europe begins, and it is expected to gain momentum in various countries in the coming months.


Some of the groups represented at the demonstration were the populist anti-migrant Freedom and Direct Democracy Party and the Communist Party.

Dubbed “Czech Republic First,” the protest highlighted rising inflation fueled by a rise in energy prices, COVID-19 vaccinations, and immigrants.

The protesters demanded the resignation of the current coalition government led by conservative Prime Minister Petr Fiala, which had taken office last December.

Protesters slam government over Ukraine policy.

The organizers of the demonstration said the Czech Republic should be militarily neutral and ensure direct contracts with gas suppliers, including Russia.

The protesters condemned the government for supporting sanctions against Russia over its war in Ukraine and accused it of being unable to cope with soaring energy prices.

They said the government pays more attention to war-torn Ukraine than to its own citizens.

Source: DW