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Thousands of artists, directors demonstrate in Jerusalem

A protest by artists and entertainment industry workers is being held in front of the Finance Ministry in Jerusalem. They are outraged for not receiving aid from the State during the coronavirus pandemic and about the prohibition of holding cultural events under restrictions.

The rally is attended by such glitterati, among others, as “Rita”, Tom Yaar, Harel Skaat, Rami Kleinstein, Dov Navon, Yuval Shem Tov, Yishai Lapidot, and Moshe Datz, as well as Knesset Opposition Chairman Knesset Member Yair Lapid.

“I’m sad to meet people I’ve known for so many years under these circumstances. I’m here because I care for all the people who work behind the scenes of the cultural and music world that is the soul of us all. Everyone has family and children to support and that’s not happening. I hope our voice resonates, will bring change, and save the industry,” said singer Rita.

Singer and producer Moshe Datz said on Reshet Bet: “This isn’t a political demonstration but one of sad people. Art is the spine of us all, the heart and soul. When there’s a year of drought, farmers are compensated. What are people supposed to do who haven’t worked already four months? What are we worth without culture? Where’s the unity? People here aren’t getting anything. People have no money, how are they supposed to pay electricity and water?”

Former Finance Committee Chairman MK Oded Forer said at the rally,

“A government that sends its citizens to plead and demonstrate to get their basic rights to earn a living is a government in bankruptcy. They aren’t asking for favors, they are asking for what they deserve. The self-employed won’t be invisible.”

Following the protest, Kaplan Street in Jerusalem was blocked.

Source: Hezki Baruch – Arutz Sheva