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Tilda Publishing – WordPress competitor – New in Zero Block

Mobile animation for all portable devices

Create your animation for the desktop version of the website, then switch to the tablet mode and, in the mobile animation section, click ‘Switch on’. Animation will be enabled for all mobile devices. You can adapt your animations to fit different screen sizes. Animation trigger will be the same for all devices.


Place one or several galleries anywhere inside the block, customise cursors and borders, and enable animation effects. To add the gallery feature, click on the Add gallery button and choose images you want to add to a gallery carousel.

Align elements

Align multiple elements with two clicks. The feature will position elements at equal intervals from each other. Save time by avoiding repetitive tasks. To align elements, highlight them and click on the Tidy up button.


Magnify or reduce the size of your work area by pressing Cmnd +/- for Macs and Ctrl +/- for Windows.

Renaming layers

Double-click the layer name to change it to the one you want.

Also new:

New in Online store

Main image with a gallery of thumbnail product images on its left

The maximum number of thumbnail images is calculated based on the size of the main image. If there are more small images than able to fit into a column, the last image will feature the number of images that didn’t fit. The feature is available in blocks ST300, ST305N, ST310N and ST315N in the Gallery Style section.

New feature: See Also

Recommend additional products from your online store to your site visitors. Display cards for one or all product categories.

Links generation for filters, sorting and search

Share a link with a specific selection of products. Site visitors can set up filters or sorting of products and email the link to anyone — the settings will be saved. This feature helps the owners of online stores built in Tilda to set up more targeted advertising. When a person clicks on the ad, she will be taken to a specific set of products based on their colour, size, and any other parameters.

What’s new in Feeds

Relevant posts.

Add the See Also button in the Detailed View section to recommend new, popular or less popular posts from one or all categories.

Aligning buttons.

Align buttons in cards at the bottom of the page in blocks FD301 and FD302, the List Items section.

Recommend buttons.

Add the Recommend button in the Detailed View section if you’d like your readers to share your posts.

Scale images in the post’s gallery.

Choose the size of an image in a detailed view of the post.

Zooming in on click.

Site visitors can zoom in on an image in an article when they click on it. Activate this feature in the Detailed View section.

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