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Time of the Gypsies – Ederlezi (Goran Bregović)

According to Emir Kusturica, making the film was the biggest adventure of his life.

According to Kusturica, the gypsies’ laws are founded on two things – a deep myth and the terrific spiritual resources drawn from that myth.

The first feature to be filmed with its entire dialogue in the Gypsy language, Romany.

There is a celebration of Saint George’s day on the water that you will remember all your life, and possibly relate to your first love and the creation of your child. Fire, water, languid seduction, flow and constraint.

“When God came down to earth,” a villager says, “he took one look at the Gypsies and took the next flight back.”

But God left a couple of things behind: the gift of magic – black magic or white, and every rainbow shade in between – and the curse of belief in it.

Women levitate as they give birth; the veils of dead brides float in the rank breeze. Proud, loving Hatidza (Ljubica Adzovic) has the power of healing, and her grandchild Perhan (Davor Dujmovic) can do a few telekinetic tricks too. We won’t even discuss – because they come at the end of this beggar’s banquet of a film – the walking outhouse and the killer fork.


The song got its name from Ederlezi, which is a festival celebrating the return of springtime, especially by the Romani people (Gypsies) of the Balkans, and elsewhere around the world.

Ederlezi is the Romani name for the Serbian Djurdjevdan, the Feast of Saint George.