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Too late… House passes Amendment to Defund Wuhan Lab middleman outfit EcoHealth Alliance

Republican Pennsylvania Rep. Guy Reschenthaler introduced the amendment, noting

“It is deeply disturbing that EcoHealth Alliance funneled American taxpayer dollars to support dangerous and potentially deadly research at the WIV, a laboratory run by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and tied to military biological research and the probable origin of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Reschenthaler added

“I am proud to lead this effort to end the flow of defense funding to EcoHealth Alliance, and I thank my colleagues for including my amendment in the defense authorization bill and ensuring Americans’ hard-earned money never again funds risky experiments in labs operated by our adversaries.”

As was reported earlier this week, EcoHealth Alliance under head Peter Daszak attempted to secure millions more in funding from the Pentagon’s scientific arm DARPA to genetically alter viruses, including bat coronaviruses, to make them more infectious to humans, and then to spray nanoparticles containing skin penetrating SARSr CoV spike proteins into the air, just eighteen months prior to the subsequent COVID outbreak and pandemic.

DARPA rejected the plan as being too dangerous to the human population, but the work may have gone ahead anyway.

Source: Tyler Durden – ZEROHEDGE