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Train station in central Israel: ‘Haredim do not board’

A man dressed as an Israel Railways inspector blocked several haredi passengers from boarding the train at the Bat Yam train station this morning, Thursday.

The man stood between the haredi passengers and the train, physically preventing the passengers from boarding, saying: “Haredim do not board.”

Another passenger, who is not haredi, filmed the inspector and urged the haredi passengers to board the train anyway. The inspector shouted at the passenger to stop filming.

Transport Minister Miri Regev said in response to the publication, “I was shocked to see the shocking and serious video from Israel Railways. I ordered an immediate investigation of the matter. Such statements and such conduct will not take place in my school. I will update you immediately at the end of the investigation.”

Israel Railways said in response, “In the last few minutes, a video was released in which a man with a yellow vest is seen standing on the platform of a train station, engaging in a hurtful exchange with passengers. It should be clarified that the man is impersonating an employee and is not employed by Israel Railways or companies that provide it any services.”

“The man was removed from the platform by the train crews immediately. The Railways will file a complaint with police and consider further legal action against him,” it added.

MK Eliyahu Hasid (United Torah Judaism) announced that he would submit an urgent proposal for the agenda regarding blatant discrimination at the Bat Yam train station by an official inspector of Israel Railways who stands and blocks haredim from boarding the train while declaring that “haredim” do not board the train.

The event joins the claims of haredi mayors, MKs and public activists about discrimination against the haredi public in everything related to the fight against coronavirus.

“I want to have a press conference and call on the Arabs, the Ethiopians and tell them – come together, if we are the scapegoat of Israeli society then let’s unite,” the mayor of Elad said in an interview with Israel Hayom published this morning.

Source: Arutz Sheva