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Trump’s $50-billion Middle East plan is a win-win for Israel

The so-called “opportunity of the century,” is entitled to create a million jobs in the West Bank and Gaza, while doubling Palestine’s GDP in 10 years. It would be achieved through donors, mainly the Gulf States, pouring $50 billion into the West Bank and Gaza as well as into Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon where several million Palestinian “refugees“ are staying.

“This is depending on the assumption that Palestinians have no place to go. ‘You don’t like this deal? – great. Wait till the next one which is even worse for you. You don’t like that? Wait till the next one, which will be even worse.’“

“They have a huge potential economically from the Israeli point of view. Now, the Israelis can imagine a huge market for their products; the investment; the money coming into Israel. All that would make Israel absolutely prosperous, while ending the issue of Palestine. It’s a win-win for Israel, absolutely.”

The Palestinians are rejecting the US plan.