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Trump’s approval rating hits all-time high, despite impeachment

President Donald Trump’s approval rating hit an all-time high, according to a new poll by Gallup, with Americans roughly evenly divided on the president’s job performance.

According to the Gallup poll, which surveyed 1,033 adults across the US, 49% of Americans approve of President Trump’s job performance, compared to 50% who disapprove, with 1% having no opinion.

That’s three points higher than the president’s previous peak rating of 46%, which he reached last in mid-April of last year, and four points higher than his job approval rating on inauguration day, January 20th 2017, when Trump had a net rating of negative two points, with 45% approving and 47% disapproving. His lowest job approval rating, according to Gallup, was 35%, which was recorded in December 2017.

The poll was conducted between January 16th and 29th, in the midst of the impeachment proceedings against Trump, after the House of Representatives voted, almost entirely on party lines, to impeach the president.

Trump’s improved job approval rating came from a six-point increase among Republicans, rising from 88% to 94%, and a five-point increase among independents, from 37% to 42%. Among Democrats, however, Trump’s approval rating sank from 10% to 7%.

The 87-point gap between Republican and Democratic job approval ratings is the largest gap recorded by Gallup ever.

The president’s rising job approval rating has improved his chances of being reelected this November, with 47% of all respondents saying he deserves to win reelection, compared to 52% who said he does not. In October 2018, just 41% of Americans said Trump deserved to be reelected.

Among registered voters, Trump’s numbers were even higher, with 50% saying he deserves to be reelected, compared to 50% who say he does not.

That’s three points better than President Obama’s rating in 2011, when 47% of registered voters said he deserves to be reelected, compared to 51% who said he did not.

The poll also found a majority of Americans now oppose removing Trump from office, with just 46% favoring conviction, compared to 52% who are opposed.

The Republican Party has also received a boost in popularity, hitting a 15-year high, with 51% of Americans having a favorable opinion of the party, compared to 46% who have an unfavorable opinion.

The last time the GOP topped 50% favorability was in February 2005, when 56% of Americans said they had a favorable opinion of the party.

That marks a significant increase over last January, when just 37% of Americans had a favorable view of the party, compared to 58% who had an unfavorable view.