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Trump’s pardon of Israeli spy ‘closes old wound,’ says Pollard

Jonathan and Esther Pollard released a statement Wednesday morning, following President Donald Trump’s pardon of former Israeli spy Brigadier General Aviem Sella, who recruited Pollard and acted as his handler in the 1980s.

“Esther and I are very happy about the decision to pardon Aviem Sella and thus put an end to the bleeding wound of the affair 35 years in the making. We wish Aviem great success. After so many years of suffering, Esther and I want to focus only on the future and not on wounds of the past.”

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, one of Pollard’s attorneys, lauded Sella’s pardon, while calling on Sella to issue a sworn statement refuting claims regarding Pollard’s motivations as a spy and other claims against Pollard.

“While we are glad over the pardon of Aviam Sella who initially had recruited Pollard, we hope he will finally speak out and reveal the truth. For 35 years Pollard has endured so many malicious lies and false accusations that Sella as his handler could have easily corrected. If there is a sworn statement or deposition from Sella to the Americans it should be made public so all the lies and libels against Pollard can finally be put to rest. It’s time Sella comes out of the shadows and tells what exactly he knows about this Jew who spent 30 years in jail.”

Header: Jonathan and Esther Pollard

Source: Arutz Sheva