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Trump’s proposals seen in Israel as convenient cover for annexation of lands it has long desired

Donaldus Trumpus Caesar set to reward Provincial Governor Netanyahu with ‘Deal of the Century’

U.S. President Donald Trump’s so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ is not a peace proposal in any contemporary sense of the term. Peace, in the Israeli-Palestinian context, requires agreement by both sides.

Meantime, PA president Abbas told Fatah Central Committee members that Trump is “a dog, son of a b**ch, a violent man who wants to force us into a program we’re not interested in.”

“The situation won’t remain as it was. I won’t be a traitor. Any of the Palestinian organizations that want to be with us – bless them, and those who do not – have been told their place is not here. Trump wants to impose something on us that we do not want.”

“He won’t threaten me. In the time I have left to live I won’t be a traitor. I said ‘no’ to the ‘Deal of the Century’ – and I will continue to say ‘no’. I have refused to talk to him and I’ll bear the consequences, no matter what they may be,” added Abbas.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas refused a phone call with U.S. President Donald Trump Monday regarding the impending release of the Trump administration’s peace plan.