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Secretary General of the Future Syria Party, Hevrin Khalaf, was captured then executed by Turkish-backed forces, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) announced on October 12.

In an official statement, the political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) revealed that Harvin was ambushed and captured by Turkish-backed militants on the M4 highway in northeast Syria. Harvin was immediately executed by the militants, along with her driver.

“This is a clear evidence that the Turkish state is continuing its criminal policy towards unarmed civilians. Professor Hevrin Khalaf, was the Secretary General of the Future Syria Party, a party with a political orientation towards Syria in general, is far from military agendas,” the SDC’s statement reads.

The M4 highway, which links al-Hasakah, Raqqa and Aleppo, was blocked by the Turkish-backed National Syrian Army (NSA) in the early hours of the morning.

Following the SDC’s announcement, opposition activists released videos showing Turkish-backed militants capturing and executing civilians on the highway. One of the videos shows an armored SUV that was reportedly carrying Hevrin.

Formed in 2018, the Future Syria Party is one of the biggest Arab political movements in northeast Syria. The party is a key ally of the Kurdish-dominated SDF, which controls the region.

Ankara is yet to comment on the murder of Hevrin, who had criticized and condemned the Turkish-led Operation Peace Spring in northeast Syria.


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