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Turkish sources: Erdogan closes airspace to US aircrafts – ‘US will strike Ankara via Syria’

Turkey: Did they close the airspace to American aircrafts?

Turkish sources published maps which show that NATO and American aircrafts are indeed bypassing Turkey on its fly paths to the Black Sea.

For example, a USAF drone took off from Israel bound for the Black Sea.

However, the American drone did not choose the shortest route through NATO’s Turkey but followed the route through Greece and Bulgaria to enter the Black Sea.

The same happened for another drone that took off from Italy to the Black Sea.

“They will try to beat Turkey through Syria”

“On the one hand, Biden kept his promise to the Armenian Diaspora and on the other hand, he activates the terrorist corridor in Syria to punish Turkey”.

This means that Biden did not play his last “card” he was holding.

Professor at Yıldız University (YTU) Dr. Cemal Zehir said that we should see Biden’s move as the fulfillment of a pre-election promise.

“The Armenian diaspora is strong. California voters went to the Democrats in the last election with the help of Armenians.”

“Biden’s statement does not change the historical reality” (as the Turks mean it).

“A Nation does not commit Genocide in the words of a President. Such a decision can only be made through the evaluation of historical records and scientific research.”

“Investigations have so far shown that the Armenian Genocide does not exist.”

“Our opponent is the USA”

Did the US play its last card against us? The US supported the terrorists in Syria. Turkey is fighting terrorist corridors in Syria to prevent their permanent establishment.

“We now know that the United States is our adversary, for example, by its stance on the war in Nagorno-Karabakh. The United States, despite being in the Minsk Group, has done nothing over the years to resolve the issue.”

“US move warning”

“The US can not afford to lose us” said Professor Dr. Haluk Selvi.

There will certainly be short-term and long-term consequences of Biden’s decision. In the short term, anti-American sentiment will increase, but this can be reduced through the Erdogan-Biden negotiations.

“US policy in the Middle East and the Caucasus depends on us and the US can not bear to lose us. I see the US move as a warning. But on this issue, Turkey is right, it is not going to back down.”

“After two months we will not even talk about this issue.”

On the contrary, Bahçeşehir (BAU) professor Dr. Burak Kuntay said that Biden’s statement revolutionizes Turkey-US relations.

The bill has already been passed by the US Senate and House of Representatives. So far, the US President has used this term 3 times in history.

“How will this decision affect Turkey-US relations?”

“If you had asked me 20 years ago, I would have told you that very bad things would happen because it was a period when Turkey-US relations had hit a record high.”

But now we see long exerted economic pressures on Turkey, so relations have already reached bottom ” ends…

Source: War News 24/7 [GR]

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