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‘Two Thirds of New COVID patients in Israel are unvaccinated’

Israel’s 8,691 new COVID “cases” on Monday were propelled by the unvaccinated population, according to data from the Health Ministry.

Although the group make up approximately 17 percent of Israelis eligible for the vaccine, they accounted for 67 percent of the recorded cases on Monday.

There are currently 710 patients in serious condition, including 187 on ventilators and 257 in critical condition. This represents a decrease from the previous two days, when the figures stood at 733 and 711 respectively, but still amounts to one of the highest caseloads this month. As of Monday, 69% of the active serious “cases” are unvaccinated.

Israel only reported a single death on Tuesday, taking the total to 7,567 since the pandemic struck Israel in March 2020.

On Monday, none of the nine people who died from the virus had received three doses. Seven had not received a single jab.

About 16,500 Israelis got a third COVID booster shot on Monday, with the total number of Israeli receiving all three doses surpassing 3 million.

Over 6 million Israelis have received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine.