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U.S. Biolab In Ukraine Experimented On Psychiatric Patients Near Russian Border 2019-2021

The United States has been using various satellite states like Ukraine since 2004 to conduct bioweapons research, often contracting with private companies for the dirty work.

  • Please note the following is from a report of findings issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense. After analyzing the recovered documents they released the following briefing that I’ve edited.


April 14, 2021

A special military operation by Russian troops has yielded additional information on US military and biological activities in Ukraine, confirming numerous violations of the Biological Weapons Convention.

Taking advantage of existing gaps in international law and the lack of a clear verification mechanism, the US administration has consistently built up its military-biological capabilities in various regions of the world.

The Russian Federation has made continuous efforts to establish a BTWC verification mechanism, but this initiative has been consistently blocked by the collective West, led by the US, since 2001.

The existing UN Secretary-General’s Mechanism to Investigate the Suspected Use of Biological and Toxin Weapons, as well as the 1925 Geneva Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or Other Gases and Bacteriological Methods of Warfare and Military Conflict, do not cover the verification of States Parties’ biological activities.

We have previously provided a scheme for the US coordination of biological laboratories and research institutes in Ukraine.

One of its elements is the Ukrainian Science and Technology Centre (STCU), a seemingly non-public organization that has nothing to do with the Pentagon.

Its legal status is defined by the Agreement of October 25, 1993, between the governments of Ukraine, Canada, the USA, and Sweden and the Protocol of Amendment of July 7, 1997.

STCU is headquartered in Kiev and has regional offices in Baku, Chisinau and Tbilisi, as well as in Kharkov and Lvov.

However, the Russian Ministry of Defence’s Chemical and Biological Threat Expertise Centre found that the STCU’s main activity is to act as a distribution center for grants for research of interest to the Pentagon, including biological weapons research.

In recent years alone, Washington has spent more than $350 million on STCU projects.

The U.S. customers and sponsors of STCU are the Department of State and the Department of Defense. Funding is also provided through the Environmental Protection Agency, the US Departments of Agriculture, Health and Energy.

  • Between 2014 and 2022, the Ukrainian Science and Technology Centre implemented five hundred R&D projects in post-Soviet countries (Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Azerbaijan).

Many of them are aimed at studying potential biological weapons agents (plague, tularaemia) and pathogens of economic importance (pathogenic avian influenza, African swine fever).

  • Our concern about Washington’s activities in Ukraine stems from the fact that, contrary to its international obligations, the US has retained norms in its national legislation that allow for work in the field of biological weapons.

The ratification of the 1925 Geneva Protocol by the United States was accompanied by a number of reservations, one of which allows for the retaliatory use of chemical and toxin weapons.

Under the US Federal Unity and Cohesion Against Terrorism Act, research into biological weapons is permitted with the approval of the US government.

Participants in such research are not criminally liable for developing such weapons.

Thus, the US administration is implementing the principle that domestic law takes precedence over international law in this area.

The most ethically controversial research is conducted outside national jurisdictions.

  • Thus, during the special operation in Ukraine, it was established that US scientists from a laboratory in Merefa (Kharkov Region) were testing potentially dangerous biological drugs on patients of the regional clinical psychiatric hospital No 3 in Kharkov between 2019 and 2021.
  • Persons with mental disorders were selected for the experiments on the basis of their age, nationality and immune status. Special forms were used to record the results of 24-hour patient monitoring. The information was not entered into the hospital database and the staff of the medical institution signed a non-disclosure agreement.
  • In January 2022, the laboratory in Merefa was shut down and all equipment and preparations were moved to western Ukraine.
  • There are a number of witnesses to these inhuman experiments, whose names we cannot disclose for the sake of their safety.
  • Finally, in a previous briefing, we described a technical device for the delivery and application of biological formulations that have been patented in the US.

At the same time, it was noted that Ukraine had sent a request to the manufacturing company regarding the possibility of equipping the Bayraktar drones with aerosol equipment.

  • It is a matter of concern that on March 9, three unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with 30-litre containers and equipment for spraying formulations were detected by Russian reconnaissance units in Kherson region.
  • In January 2022, Ukraine reportedly purchased more than 50 such devices through intermediary organisations, which can be used to apply biological formulations and toxic chemicals.

We continue to analyse the evidence of crimes committed by the US administration and the Kiev regime in Ukraine.

FULL Russian document repository.

That final section again: In January 2022, Ukraine reportedly purchased more than 50 such devices through intermediary organisations, which can be used to apply biological formulations and toxic chemicals.

Wonder why the west has been screaming for weeks about Russia using chemical weapons in Ukraine as a “red line” for NATO?

  • Remember last month when Neocon and the 2014 US-Ukraine Coup organizer Victoria Nuland admitted to the existence of US Biolabs in Ukraine and deep state rat Rubio immediately helped her blame any Bioweapons attack on Russia?

Patricia Dowling knows what’s happening:

  • It’s a shame 61% of Americans are too brainwashed.

If only they knew the U.S. military is already on the ground in Ukraine and has been there with the CIA since 2014. World War Three has already started. The U.S. government just needs an excuse for their own people to get behind what they’ve already set in motion years ago.

What better way to cover their financial and economic crimes and medical crimes against their own citizens over the past two years than a nice war against an evil foe that uses chemical weapons to rally the masses behind?

It’s not like we haven’t seen that script before.

Source: The Good Citizen