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Ukrainian army lost about 444,000 servicemen – Russian Defense minister

On February 27, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu launched the monthly meeting of the Board of the Russian Defence Ministry. In his speech, which was made public, the Russian Defense Minister summed up the interim results of the ongoing Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

One of the important claims made by the Russian Defense Minister was the revealing of the available data on the losses of the Ukrainian military during the two years of hostilities.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Kiev’s total losses exceed 444, 000 servicemen. The Defense Minister stressed that since the beginning of this year, the Ukrainian army has been losing on average more than 800 personnel and 120 units of weapons and military equipment every day.

The declared number of the Ukrainian losses can be compared to estimations by various independent researchers.

The Ukrainian army lost more servicemen than it currently has fighting.

  • In December 2023, Shoigu said that the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine amounted to 383 thousand killed and wounded, of which more than 40% were lost since the beginning of Kiev’s counteroffensive.

On the other hand, just two days ago, the Ukrainian president declared that the Ukrainian army lost only 31 thousand dead soldiers.

Zelensky did not name the number of wounded and missing in an attempt to hide the losses from the Russian military. As for the missing, Ukrainian president did not remember their number.

Even Ukrainians and MSM did not believe Zelensky’s brazen lies.

Unfortunately, many of his listeners continue to believe the fairytales told in Kiev.

The Russian Defense Minister also reported that, since the beginning of 2024 alone, the Russian army has liberated about 327 square kilometers of the territory of the new regions of the Russian Federation in all directions of the front.

Over the past week alone, Ukrainian militants have been driven out of the settlements of Severnoye, Lastochkino and Pobeda in the DPR. Thus, the Russian military officially confirmed the full control of Severnoe located south-west of Avdeevka, where the mop up operation was completed.

  • The Russian Minister noted that with the help of high-precision weapons, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation deprive the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the ability to carry out counterattacks.

The head of the Ministry of Defense stressed that the current situation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the battlefield shows the futility of the US strategy aimed at deterring Russia.

Meanwhile, the West is escalating tensions by increasing the scope of joint military exercises between the United States and its allies in NATO.