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Ukrainian poultry exports flood EU

EU countries are being confronted with an unchecked flow of eggs and poultry coming from Ukraine, according to the chairman of the Polish Federation of Poultry Breeders Pavel Podstavka, as cited by the Polish Press Agency PAP.

  • During the first eight weeks of this year, Ukrainian producers sold 32,300 tons of chilled poultry products to the bloc, marking a surge of 94% compared to the same period a year ago. Exports of frozen poultry soared 171.6% to 16,660 tons. Meanwhile, sales of eggs skyrocketed by 1370% to 4,457 tons.

Podstavka attributed the unprecedented surge to the EU’s decision to temporarily abolish duties and quotas on goods from Ukrainian producers.

He said Ukrainian producers are benefiting from low costs due to the absence of trade barriers as well as the lack of EU produce standards in Ukraine.

Last June, the European Commission temporarily removed all remaining tariffs and quota requirements on Ukrainian exports in an attempt to help the war-torn nation.

  • The move included the suspension of import duties on industrial products, and the elimination of all tariff quotas for agricultural products and of antidumping duties. The bloc also stopped applying the entry price system for fruits and vegetables.

Source: RT