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Ukrainian units leaking from Bakhmut

The situation remains tense along all the front lines in Donbass.

  • After the head of the Wagner PMC addressed Ukrainian President Zelensky calling to allow the withdrawal of the unprofessional units who are now fighting in the city of Bakhmut, the Kiev regime is yet to make any official steps and declare the retreat of the Ukrainian military.

The city is almost surrounded. Only one road leading to Chasov Yar may be used for the transfer of Ukrainian forces; but it remains under heavy Russian artillery fire and any movement along this road is very risky.

In recent days, numerous videos shared by Ukrainian soldiers confirmed that a lot of Ukrainian groups began leaving the besieged city.

Some of them attempt to escape via the fields to the south-west of the city. Meanwhile, the number of Ukrainian military columns, which were destroyed when attempting to withdraw along the last road remaining under Ukrainian control, has grown in recent days as well.

  • While the Kiev officials only admit “some deterioration of the situation in the area of Bakhmut and claim sending of additional forces there to repel Russians”, Ukrainian military sources as well as the Western media admitted that Russian Wagner fighters have already destroyed the most combat-ready units of the Ukrainian Army in Bakhmut.
  • Wagner sources shared the videos confirming that there are a lot of unprofessional soldiers left in the city, including young boys and elderly people, who do not survive long in the heavy battles for Bakhmut.

According to unconfirmed reports, the Ukrainian military began withdrawal of some of its most precious units, while their retreat is covered by untrained fighters from the territorial defense.

For example, on March 5, at least two Ukrainian groups that attempted to leave Bakhmut through the village of Krasnoe were destroyed by Wagner fighters.

In total, up to 30 Ukrainian soldiers were reportedly killed and more than 60 wounded.

On the outskirts of Bakhmut, Ukrainian forces are still holding their positions in Krasnoe, Bogdanovka, and Hromovo. They are fiercely fighting in an attempt to allow the retreat of other units before the cauldron is closed.

  • At the same time, the Russian assault continues in the city. At least 20 Ukrainian strongholds were reportedly captured over the past weekend.

The advance of Russian forces continues in all directions in the besieged city. So far, about 40% of Bakhmut has reportedly came under Russian control.

Source: Southfront