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Unmasking China’s grand strategy for global control

The COVID-19 pandemic which originated in Wuhan, China as part of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) efforts to expand its power abroad, was a functional equivalent of a new Cold War without consequences for decades.

Americans need to understand that by design or effects, China’s unleashing of deadly coronavirus pandemic and spreading panic in the U.S. were acts of war.

Resorting to bluster and misinformation, the CCP cover-up isn’t working.

The CCP’s ‘deceitful propaganda and repression of the people telling the truth about the epidemic’ was notoriously unprecedented.

This was not the first time an outbreak from China has happened.

Historical evidence of the 1918 Swine Flu or Spanish Flu outbreak that killed 50 million people worldwide, ranking it as one of the deadliest epidemics in history, originated in China.

Epidemiological assessment of the origin of the pandemic might provide information that could help stop a future pandemic, making the search worthwhile.

A historian who has researched the 1918 spread of the pandemic in the U.S. noted:

“I would say that the takeaway message of all of this is to keep your eye on China” as a source of emerging diseases.

He points to concerns about the 2003 avian flu A (H5N1) and the SARS outbreak, arising from China in the last decade.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is a viral respiratory illness caused by a coronavirus called SARS-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV). SARS-CoV-2 is a virus that causes COVID-19.

Fourteen years before China was widely accused of covering up its coronavirus outbreak, secret US diplomatic cables charged China of cover-up during the 2006 deadly H5N1 strain of avian influenza, also known as the bird flu.

The Obama administration’s funded Wuhan Institute of Virology, a P4-level bio-safety facility is now the subject of U.S. intelligence investigation.

And there is another uncomfortable truth that America can’t ignore:

It was 2020 Lunar New Year, a time of human migration on a scale unseen in other parts of the world. This has certainly contributed to the spread of COVID-19.

From the very beginning, the world public opinion was misinformed and had to deal with the pathological secrecy of the CCP.

All those who tried to raise the alarm, including the “signaler” doctors from Wuhan who tried to warn colleagues about the coronavirus, were then persecuted. And, the fact that you can’t find some of these doctors is a frightening reality.

Instead of being transparent, China went to scrub research on the virus, ordered the destruction of laboratory samples, detained and silenced researchers, journalists, and citizens who tried to share information about the virus.

China’s outbreak may have started in September. China has admitted that the disease was present in Wuhan in December, although it denied that “human-to-human transmission” had already taken place.

Those unfamiliar with the CCP will likely be shocked to discover the regime’s motives, “the CCP clearly has no intention of ending the epidemic or curing the virus”. You can see that the Beijing-influenced World Health Organization (WHO) was fpr a long while essentially following the CCP’s guidelines.

Ergo, WHO has effectively undermined public confidence to a global health agency founded with a mission to gather and spread information on infectious diseases and epidemics around the world.

Even worse, the creeping politicization of coronavirus pandemic represents a dangerous threat to US national security and global public health.

A recent study of the genetic history of SARS-CoV-2 genomes found 3 types of the deadly coronavirus are spreading around the world – and the U.S. is being rocked by the original strain from China.

Travel data shows 3.4 million travelers from countries that would end up hardest-hit by COVID-19 outbreak entered the US as the pandemic was starting.

In a book written by two People’s Liberation Army (PLA) colonels about Unrestricted Warfare in the age of globalization their main argument is: “Warfare in the modern world will no longer be primarily a struggle defined by military means —to compel the enemy to submit to one’s will.”

They wrote of assassinating financial speculators to safeguard a nation’s financial security, setting up slush funds to influence opponents’ legislatures and governments, and buying controlling shares of stocks to convert an adversary’s major television and newspaper outlets into tools of media warfare.

Sound familiar?

They argued

“The first rule of unrestricted warfare is that there are no rules, with nothing forbidden.”

The battlefield had fundamentally changed.

Society itself was now the battlefield. Future wars would inevitably encompass attacks on all elements of society without limits.

Indeed, wars and pandemics, great destroyers of the status quo, often generate enormous societal change.

Another secret grand plan to take over the world outlines how China could surpass and replace the the world’s premier superpower by 2049, the centennial of China’s Communist revolution.

The PLA is currently developing high-tech computer viruses, building anti-satellite missiles, and militarizing the world’s most important maritime chokepoints.

China’s generals are preparing to use the assassin’s mace to strike America in its Achilles’ heel should Washington ever wake up to China’s true intentions.

Given the CCP’s focus on establishing “information dominance,” they think by relentlessly exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic would generate enormous strategic benefits for China.

No wonder, the countries hit hard by the virus share one thing in common: massive “debts” and close ties to China.

And this is what is exactly happening among vulnerable countries tied to China’s massive predatory infrastructure projects, “the Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI). Across the Eurasian continent, Africa, and Latin America, China’s presence is becoming indisputable.

Lately, the Philippines has filed two diplomatic protests against China for declaring a Philippine territory as part of Hainan province.

China’s “donation diplomacy” is a fraud

Let us remember that in most cases all countries have to pay for this ‘makeshift help’ or debt-trap.

This alleged aid, without identifying China as responsible for the worldwide spread of the pandemic and agreeing to the propaganda presenting China not as the source of the crisis, but as a solution to this crisis in other countries of the world, in the future, may translate into economic and political dependence of other countries and is simply a fraud.

Most disturbing to every American, China hid the virus from the world and ‘cornered’ the personal protective equipment (PPE) market and ‘is profiteering’ during coronavirus outbreak.

According to the White House, China might have hidden coronavirus data from the U.S. so they can create a vaccine first and they view it as “a business proposition so that they can sell the vaccines to the world.”

The “CCP virus” has significantly crippled a thriving US economy under Trump, but it also ‘paralyzed business in China’.

A China policy of appeasement, sold under the rubric of “global cooperation.” This is what crippled our industries in the first place and made America dependent on China.

COVID-19 linked to Huawei

Most likely, the arrest in Canada and ongoing request for extradition to the U.S., of the daughter of Huawei founder, a military engineer for the PLA, might be a retribution for an ongoing trade war against the US.

The US Justice Department (DOJ) indicted both Huawei and its CFO for racketeering, conspiring to steal American trade secrets and collaborating with countries like North Korea and Iran, and attempting to “conceal the full scope of that involvement.”

Huawei is a key player in the CCP “Made in China 2025” strategy to dominate the world on the high-end tech side. In short, Huawei is their “Trojan horse” for the CCP to spy on and infiltrate other nations.

The CCP has sought to exploit the COVID crisis to burnish its reputation in key countries where it can play a role in building 5G networks.

The Trump administration banned US companies from doing any trading with Huawei after it accused the Chinese giant of espionage and IP (intellectual property) theft. The ban centered on any technology related to 5G technology.

China has been implicated in over 80% of all economic espionage charges this year, and is linked to 60% of all trade secret theft cases.

Against this backdrop, the “state sponsor of pandemics” made a “costliest mistake” in undermining America’s interests. And “payback” would be a disaster waiting for this “uniquely opportunistic adversary” and serial violator of human rights.

Now, the time for reckoning has come. Worldwide condemnation which we don’t see now isn’t enough. We can’t let China unleash another pandemic most deadlier than COVID-19 without serious consequences.

Original: Arutz Sheva