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US covertly suggests Kiev regime to negotiate with Russia

The polls are so bad for the DNC that even their mainstream media strongholds such as CNN now openly admit that Democrat ratings have been going down for months and are extremely unlikely to recover in time to make any difference.

With many Americans now deeply frustrated by the overall economic downturn while the US is sending tens of billions of dollars to the Kiev regime, they have become less supportive of the Neo-Nazi junta and many are even blaming it for the stagflationary state of the US economy.

  • According to The Washington Post, as a result of this, the White House is now secretly trying to force the Kiev regime to “show openness toward negotiations with Russia.” The report, published on November 5, comes right after the Neo-Nazi junta frontman Volodymyr Zelensky promised to “never enter negotiations with Moscow unless Vladimir Putin is removed from power.”

The US government seems to be “subtly indicating” the move, although not for the sake of compromise between Russia and the Kiev regime, but because it’s trying to ensure the junta “maintains a moral high ground in the eyes of its international backers as a calculated attempt to ensure the government in Kiev maintains the support of other nations facing constituencies wary of fueling a war for many years to come”.

The report might be the first major public admission by the Biden administration that dealing with deteriorating economic conditions in the US should be the priority over the question of whether the Kiev regime can win in a confrontation with Russia.

The Washington Post report is a clear indicator that the White House is fully aware of the “Ukraine fatigue“, particularly as the people are frustrated by endless “blank checks” for the Kiev regime, which the GOP actively objects to and is also using to its advantage during the midterms. The report states:

“While U.S. officials share their Ukrainian counterparts’ assessment that Putin, for now, isn’t serious about negotiations, they acknowledge that President Volodymyr Zelensky’s ban on talks with him has generated concern in parts of Europe, Africa and Latin America, where the war’s disruptive effects on the availability and cost of food and fuel are felt most sharply.

‘Ukraine fatigue is a real thing for some of our partners,’ said one U.S. official who, like others interviewed for this report, spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive conversations between Washington DC and Kiev.”

US government officials cited in the report think that the coming winter, expected to be quite harsh, and the fact that the Kiev regime is faced with widespread blackouts due to precision strikes on key energy infrastructure, is “likely to make Zelensky amenable to ceasefire talks.”

The officials say that the Neo-Nazi junta “is attempting to lock in as many military gains as it can before winter sets in, when there might be a window for diplomacy.”

After over a month of Western mainstream propaganda machine headlines full of praise for the Kiev regime forces, the narrative is slowly shifting as Russia is sending additional troops to reinforce frontline units. Moscow’s partial mobilization has increased the number of active Russian troops by hundreds of thousands.

  • Coupled with an exponential increase in the use of drones and long-range missiles, the prospect of a successful Russian offensive during the winter is increasingly likely. In order to prevent a military defeat, as well as create a semblance of “victory”, the US is pushing the Kiev regime to negotiate a deal that could be “sold” to the public as such.

Still, there is fierce resistance to the idea of peace talks, especially among the warhawks, both in Kiev and Washington DC, particularly those directly lobbying for and working with the Military Industrial Complex.

In addition, the official US position that the Kiev regime should decide when or if negotiations will take place is also giving the Neo-Nazi junta quite a bit of leverage. The Washington Post report further states:

  • “In recent weeks Ukrainian criticism of proposed concessions has grown more pointed, as officials decry ‘useful idiots’ in the West whom they’ve accused of serving Kremlin interests. ‘If Russia wins, we will get a period of chaos: flowering of tyranny, wars, genocides, nuclear races,’ presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak said Friday. ‘Any concessions to Putin today — a deal with the Devil. You won’t like its price.’”

However, the political establishments of the collective West are now faced with an increasingly disillusioned populace succumbing to the so-called “Ukraine fatigue” faster than expected.

The glaring contradiction of soaring costs of living at home and having tens of billions of dollars, euros and pounds sent to the Kiev regime is causing widespread frustration among the people of Western countries.

  • What’s more, the issue also extends to the Biden administration, as recent reports tell of an alleged conversation between the US president and Zelensky during which the Kiev regime was accused of being ungrateful.

Source: Drago Bosnic – SOUTHFRONT