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US doctors org. supports anti-coronavirus drug recommended by President Trump

US President Donald Trump received the support of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) for his promotion of an anti-malarial drug to treat the coronavirus.

AAPS presented data obtained after a study of 2,333 coronavirus patients treated with the hydroxychloroquine drug. The study found that 91.6% of patients got better after being administered the drug.

In a letter to Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, AAPS urged doctors to use hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus patients without waiting for the results of “gold standard” tests.

The recommendation comes after President Trump called hydroxychloroquine apotential “game changer” in a press briefing on the coronavirus crisis.

Some of President Trump’s critics, including US doctors, have attacked the president’s recommendation, claiming the drug does not help treat coronavirus and even increases the risk of death from the disease.

According to the AAPS, the deaths cited were of people in very serious condition and “not indicative” of any adverse affects of hydroxychloroquine.