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Using water cannons, police clear anti-PM protesters blocking Jerusalem streets

In scenes similar to those in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv demonstrators begin blocking roads.

Hundreds of demonstrators in Tel Aviv have begun blocking roads near Charles Clore Park after their demonstration against the government’s economic response to the pandemic came to a close:

Hundreds of left-wing protesters confronting Jerusalem police:

Following protests across from the PM’s residence in the capital, protesters attempted to block the Kikar Paris intersection.

Crowds of protesters are confronting police forces and trying to make their way to the city center.

Some of the officers are using water cannons to clear the area.

Hundreds of them have already left the area to march toward the entrance to the city, blocking roads in the process.

Police are filmed violently removing anti-Netanyahu protesters blocking the road near Jerusalem’s Sacher Park.

In Jerusalem protesters block roads as police appear to lose control

A number of the demonstrators are heard shouting “Nazis” at the officers, as is somewhat common at Haredi protests.

Header: Anti-government protesters, clad in masks due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, gather with Israeli flags and signs during a demonstration in Charles Clore Park in the Mediterranean coastal city of Tel Aviv on July 18, 2020 (Jack GUEZ / AFP)