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UTJ MK Moshe Gafni in Knesset: ‘I accuse’

“There are police here who are conducting epidemiological investigations and do not know how to bring this group of criminals to prison? Why do we get stuck with this image? The haredi public suffered from these pogroms this week and the one who was supposed to deal with them is Amir Ohana’s police,” he claimed.

He said, “It’s a shame that they’re throwing it onto the haredi public, which is a quiet and non-violent public. This is nothing new, we all know about it.”

On raising the fines, Gafni said, “This law of raising the fines is fundamentally invalid, if it is a state of danger to life, they won’t open the educational institutions. If it’s not such a situation it seems to you that this fine is what will change things? Some want to make political capital on it, everyone’s talking about the haredim now, that’s the issue.”

“We went through three periods during COVID-19, at first we were in high morbidity, then came a time when the haredim were the lowest, we didn’t hear a single word in the media about the haredi family having eight children and 2 children in isolation in the kitchen… We are not to blame, you who brought us to live in such dense crowding, you are to blame. Then they dare to attack us for things that are not true. It’s ridiculous,” he attacked.

Source: Arutz Sheva