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Vaccine developer reveals how many antibodies effectively protect against Delta strain

Gamaleya Center specialists have discovered that 300 antibodies are sufficient for protection against the coronavirus Delta strain, the Center’s Director Alexander Gintzburg told the Izvestia newspaper in an interview published on Monday.

“The Gamaleya Center carried out its own study together with the Moscow city department of health. This work was conducted on 4,000 Moscow residents. We found out that 300 antibodies (international units) fully protect against Delta,” the scientist said.

He also specified that if there is an insufficient number of antibodies, it is necessary to get inoculated with Sputnik Light.

According to the expert, it is also possible to get vaccinated with Sputnik’s second component if 350-400 antibodies were obtained after inoculation with Sputnik Light.

“If you have 500 units and more, this is perfect for protection against contracting COVID-19,” he added.

Data published by the Gamaleya Center earlier obtained on the basis of a single inoculation of 28,000 people with Sputnik Light in Moscow showed that when used alone, the effectiveness of the vaccine is 70% against the coronavirus Delta variant during three months following immunization.

In the under-60 age group, the effectiveness of the jab surpassed 75%.

Source: TASS