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Valid Claims Natural Remedies Prevent, Treat or Cure COVID-19 are Now being Censored by the FDA

Regarding Dr. Joe Mercola’s statements, re-produced at, that a number of products at do treat, prevent and cure COVID-19, it needs to be said that such claims are permissible under the law as long as brand names are not identified. Dr. Mercola made a general blanket statement. No brands were mentioned.

That the FDA lists on its fraudulent COVID-19 products page as well the Center For Science In The Public Interest issues a veiled threat to remove Mercola’s website where free scientific reports that detail the benefits of vitamins in protecting against all viral infections are posted, represents egregious and unjustified violations of the First Amendment.

There IS current scientific literature that conclusively asserts certain vitamins and minerals, namely vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, selenium, are beneficial in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and that such information is covered by the first amendment of free speech that Dr. Mercola accurately cites.

The public may be fearful, but not stupid

That the FDA demonizes and censors comes at a time when there are no proven vaccines or medicines to treat COVID-19, is unconscionable. The public is not stupid. Millions of Americans have opted to use dietary supplements to boost their immunity.

Drugs/vaccines vs natural remedies

Here we now have the greatest vaccine/drug vs dietary supplement trial ever conceived. Contrary to the experience with vaccines, there have been no reported deaths or serious side effects from dietary supplement use during this COVID-19 crisis.

Supplement or drug?

That any brand of dietary supplement prevents, treats or cures any infectious disease, or any disease for that matter, is prohibited by FDA regulations, as such claims can only be made for drugs. A supplement cannot be a drug and a supplement at the same time. A dietary supplement that prevents, treats or cures any disease is categorically a drug. If vitamin D were classified as a drug it would be too expensive for most Americans to purchase.

Vitamin claims for nutrient deficiency diseases

So, is vitamin C a drug because it prevents and cures scurvy (weak blood capillaries that result in bleeding)? Is vitamin D a drug because it prevents and cures rickets (bone softening)? Is vitamin B1 a drug because it prevents symptoms of beriberi (autonomic nervous system), which by the way mimics the symptoms of COVID-19? Is zinc a drug because it also prevents the symptoms of COVID-19 and inhibits polymerase, the enzyme that facilitates the replication of viruses? Are herbals like resveratrol and quercetin drugs for the same reasons?

Vaccines don’t work without zinc

By the way, vaccines simply are not effective unless the trace mineral zinc is adequate in a human being. The American diet is woefully low in zinc (average intake 10 milligrams/day, and only about 2 milligrams are absorbed due to low stomach acid levels, particularly in older Americans).

Zinc facilitates the production of T-memory cells in the thymus gland that confer long-term immunity to any infectious disease. It is T-cells, not antibodies, that produce immunity against COVID-19. In fact, zinc may universally protect against all infectious disease because of this and replace all vaccines.

Leave them to die

It is not in the public’s best interest to ban the spread of information that essential nutrients prevent, treat or cure certain dietary deficiency diseases and their accompanying symptoms. In practice, current public policy is, if there is no FDA-licensed vaccine, let Americans die.

Compassionate care

A dietary supplement that does go through the New Drug Application process and is proven by adequate science (controlled human studies) may receive licensure from the FDA for the purposes it was used for in a published peer-reviewed study. However, most drugs are allowed to be prescribed for off-label claims given they have been proven safe and effective for another condition, at least under compassionate care guidelines (when lives are threatened and all other treatments have been exhausted). Why not dietary supplements?

Saying COVID-19 vaccines are safe is in violation of FDA regulations

The FDA is violating their own rules now by allowing vaccine makers to say their products are safe when studies to prove that are not completed yet. In fact, there is no safety study (mortality) underway for any COVID-19 vaccines. There are only studies to prove these vaccines reduce symptoms of mild COVID-19 by 50%.

Studies to prove these vaccines reduce transmission or reduce fatality rates are not currently in play and would take a few years to be completed. Efforts to mandate vaccination by employers with an experimental unproven vaccine is medical mayhem. Ditto for travel passes that validate vaccination. How can travel passes ensure transmission will not occur if that isn’t being tested?

Lack of informed consent

Public health authorities said they expect 4 of the coronavirus vaccine trials now underway to fail. Candidates for vaccination are not being informed of this.

Vaccine makers and public health officials are riding roughshod over existing regulations. In fact, informed consent/refusal is not taking place even though it is required by US Code, the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Agreement. There are alternatives to vaccines which must be listed in a consent form, namely the above-mentioned nutrients.

The sun proves vitamin D works

The very fact that influenza and coronavirus infections are seasonal (winter) strongly suggests sunshine vitamin D is a natural preventive against respiratory diseases. In lieu of sunlight/skin exposure, vitamin D pills suffice to prevent or even treat infectious disease. Modern medicine overlooks the seasonality of infectious disease.

COVID-19 vaccines are not 95% effective

The claim that these vaccines are 95% effective is categorically specious. Any vaccine cannot benefit people more than the infection rate. Less than 30 million cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed by PCR or other testing, with many false positives in that number. As of March 15, 2021, 29.5 million reported cases of COVID-19, divided by 325 million Americans = 9% infection rate (though many others have been infected, experience symptoms, but have not been confirmed by lab testing).

Therefore, a vaccine that is 100% effective can only benefit ~9% of those inoculated who happen to be infected during the time of the vaccination.

Among that 9% who have lab confirmed COVID-19, more than 50% have a false positive test, and many of these are without symptoms, so the infection rate is overstated. These patients may have the flu, which health authorities disingenuously claim has vanished. The fact that the flu is said to have vanished this season suggests flu cases have been re-categorized as COVID-19. The public appears to be having the wool pulled over their eyes.

Within the 9% who are infected there is a 95% reduction in mild symptoms versus individuals who receive a placebo. So, 91% must needlessly be vaccinated to spare 9% from infection, which may be an invalid diagnosis anyway.

As of this date there have been 535,000 COVID-19 related (but not necessarily COVID-19 caused) deaths in the US. That a person dies with a lab confirmed cases of COVID-19 does not prove that the person died of COVID-19, only that they died with COVID-19.

About 94% of these COVID-19 deaths have largely occurred among the frail elderly who have co-morbid diseases and were on their deathbed when they tested positive for COVID-19.

This means only 6% of deaths were COVID-19 only. So only 6% of the 535,000 COVID-19 deaths = 32,100 deaths may be from COVID-19 alone; 32,100 COVID-19 associated deaths in a population of 325,000,000 = a death rate of 0.000098%, or almost 10 in 100,000.

So, if vaccines prevented all deaths, 99,990 people would have to be vaccinated to prevent 10 deaths. Based upon the data, the vaccines cannot be more than 0.000098% effective at reducing mortality in the population at large, not 0.95%.

Source: Bill Sardi – LewRockwell