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Video – Iran showcases recovered BLACK BOXES of crashed Ukrainian jet

The devices have been damaged in the crash and it’s expected to take several months to read them.

Short footage of the recorders was released by Iranian media on Friday. The black boxes — that are actually bright orange — are seen sitting inside a crate, handled by the officials with the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization (CAO).

The flight data recorder appears to be largely intact, yet it’s quite charred and has a handful of visible dents in its body. The cockpit voice recorder, for its part, appears to be missing most of its assembly — only the data storage itself is seen in the crate.

Earlier, head of the CAO, Ali Abedzadeh, revealed that the black boxes were damaged during the crash and the country might seek foreign help — from Russia, Canada, France or Ukraine in particular. Extracting data from the flight data and voice recorders is expected to take up to three months, while the whole probe will take up to two years.

The black boxes are expected to be “opened” on Friday, Iranian media reported.

The crash — that killed 176 people, primarily Canadian and Iranian nationals — occurred outside Iran’s capital on Wednesday. Shortly after the incident western media — followed by top politicians, citing “intelligence data” — alleged that the aircraft might have been downed by an Iranian surface-to air-missile. Tehran vehemently denied such claims, urging the accusers to publish the presumably existing evidence of its involvement.