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Video: Russian reinforcements pass through U.S. checkpoint in northeast Syria

A video released by the North Press Agency (NPA) shows the reinforcements, which consisted of armored vehicles and trucks, passing through a checkpoint set up by U.S. forces near Tell Tamr.

U.S. and Russian forces made several similar contacts in northeast Syria in the last few months. Despite the lack of sufficient coordination, no accidents have been reported yet.

Earlier this week, a Russian convoy arrived in the city of Qamishli, to the northeast of Tell Tamr. The large convoy transported troops, weapons and equipment, which reinforced a Russian base near the city.

Russian forces were deployed in northeast Syria last October following a Turkish-led attack on U.S.-backed Kurdish forces in the region. These forces, mainly from the Russian Military Police, are now implementing a Russian-Turkish de-escalation agreement.

Header: A woman covers her face as she stands along the side of a road on the outskirts of the town of Tal Tamr near the Syrian Kurdish town of Ras al-Ain along the border with Turkey in the northeastern Hassakeh province on October 16, 2019, with the smoke plumes of tire fires billowing in the background to decrease visibility for Turkish warplanes that are part of operation “Peace Spring”. (Photo by Delil SOULEIMAN / AFP)