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Video: Student demonstrators clash with police in Jerusalem

Hundreds of students gathered in Jerusalem to protest what they consider to be the government’s lack of consideration for their plight, claiming that their studies have been harmed due to the coronavirus crisis.

Clashes between students and police occurred at the demonstration.

Shlomi Yahyab, chairman of the National Student Association, said at the rally, “We are standing here in Jerusalem today, hundreds of students, on behalf of 350,000 students in the country, to cry out on behalf of an entire public which is the future of this country.”

“This is the generation that, when the crisis hit, even though it was struck first and foremost, did not think twice and volunteered in mass for the elderly and the needy in general. But these days, as the economy begins to open back and routine is already around the corner, the students find that it is precisely them who are being left behind.”

“We’re standing here in Jerusalem in the name of 350,000 students across the country, to cry out for a sector of the public who is the future of this country”

He also said: “The comprehensive solutions we have proposed have been ruled out and replaced with a thin patch and the inequality of academics is growing. This is not a false alarm – we are facing a lost generation that will have to give up its studies in order to close its debt, mortgage its future and reset its dreams. This is not a decree of fate! We have called for a map for the decision makers in the Treasury and the Council of Higher Education to wake up and get it ready before it’s too late.”

Alongside Yahyab, many hundreds of students gathered to demonstrate against the what they consider to be the incompetence of higher education decision-makers, who, they say, do not help to alleviate the students’ distress.

Header: Israeli students clash with police as they take part in a protest calling for financial aid and equlity in higher education, in Jerusalem May 7, 2020

(photo credit: YONATAN SINDEL/FLASH90)

Original: Arutz Sheva Staff