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Video – Very rare footages: Tangermunde Germany, May 1945. American & British soldiers abuse German prisoners.

The American 405th Infantry Regiment receiving large numbers of surrendering German civilians,  soldiers and officers at the end of World War 2 in Europe. An American soldier standing with surrendered German officer and soldiers. He holds a rifle and discusses it with the officer. An American field grade army officer gives instructions to a German officer who then joins other German soldiers crossing a battle-damaged bridge over the Elbe River at Tangermunde, Germany. German soldiers join hundreds of others in a large outdoor area. More German soldiers cross the Elbe and are herded toward marshaling areas.



One German soldier is deliberately tripped and hit by an American soldier, as he passes.[0:35]. Many Germans are hit in a senseless way.

Another is stopped by an American soldier who pulls his SS insignia out of his jacket so it can be seen. [0:43] The German is an SS officer, his ranks not visible. But the “Death Head” insignia is seen on his cap – so no sense to pull out his insignia by the American, a senseless humiliation.  Closeup of two other German SS soldiers: a SS-Unterscharführer/Unteroffizier – equivalent to a corporal, in the officers’s left and a SS-Sturmmann/Gefreiter, in the officer’s right. Look at the officer’s disgust.

Closeup of open area filled with German soldiers . St. Stephan’s church in the background. Back at the bridge, surrendered German soldiers continue pouring across the river.

A British Army soldier hits, prods and strikes some of the German soldiers with the stock end of a sub-machine gun, as they pass. [0:52]

Waffen-SS Officer surrendering to an American. He wore a camouflage clothing.

Closeup of a German SS officer [01:06] being stopped by an American soldier, who removes a binocular case from him. [first they stole his watch, visible on photos, this recording doesn’t capture the moment]. He is an SS-Untersturmführer/Leutnant.

German soldiers who have surrendered are resting on the ground covered by blankets. Others lounge about near a pile of personal gear including mess kits. A wooden wagon filled with straw stands behind them. Closeup of civilians including a woman and a child with head bandages, who are sitting in the wagon. View shifts to other side of the Elbe river where many civilians are gathered. The castle and St. Stephan’s church is seen on the opposite shore. German soldiers standing near an open car door next to a jumble of bicycles and packs. A German officer resting on a motorcycle. Crowd of German soldiers queued up at the bridge. One German soldier carrying a Panzer Faust (hand-held anti tank weapon) crosses the field full of other German soldiers and civilians. A hatless German soldier holds a Luger automatic pistol. Several German soldiers resting on the ground with their rifles and gear. An American field grade army officer stands in front of a sign reading: “405 Inf” (405th Infantry Regiment of the 102nd Infantry Division). A sign in multiple languages is also seen. The American officer is next seen conversing with German officers, including one with the “Death Head” insignia on his cap.