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Video: WW2 relics. Russian war diggers – ”We got it out of the swamp…”

”All iron similar to weapons and ammunition we give away to police. Sometimes some samples are deactivated directly in the forest for subsequent transfer to museums. We do not sell the finds. If we find German soldiers, we transfer the remains or their location to an organization that is looking for German soldiers in Russia. This is not our job. It’s our Hobby. We are doing this for the sake of interest and heartfelt satisfaction, in order to contribute to history not in words but in deed.”


Russian archaeological team called “Yuri Gagarin” publishes on its YouTube channel videos of excavations of WW2 relics from the battlefields of the war.

In several recent videos, they show how they retrieve many really well-preserved firearms and other items from a swamp.

Even after being in the swamp for about 75 years, these relics are in amazingly good condition.