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Video show firefight between locals and U.S. troops at Khirbat Amu, Syria

On February 12, angry locals engaged U.S. forces in a firefight in Khirbat Amu, Syria in northern al-Hasakah after U.S. troops had allegedly killed a 14-year old Kurdish teenager in the town.

The videos released by Syrian national media (SANA) allows to see the intense usage of light weapons.

Pro-US sources already describe the locals as the ‘Syrian Army’ 🙂

A unit of the Russian Military Police was quickly dispatched to the incident area to de-escalate the situation. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were also connected by the Russian side to assist in the issue.

Several incidents between the locals and U.S. forces took place in the last few months. However, Khirbat Amu incident has been the most serious escalation so far.

If U.S. forces were indeed responsible for the death of the local, the situation could escalate even further.