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Virus updates – Denmark & Poland close borders to combat coronavirus

France has reported another spate of coronavirus deaths…


Italy has reported its largest single-day jump in deaths since the country’s coronavirus crisis kicked into overdrive at the end of last month. Officials reported on Friday that the country had counted 250 deaths on Thursday, bringing its total to 1,266.

Italy also reported 181 new recoveries and 175 new cases in serious condition, for a total of 1,439 recovered and 1,328 in serious condition.

It’s beginning to seem like each day, Italy’s outbreak is breaking new grim records. The outcome has been in some cases almost unfathomably tragic.

As China recovers and Italy falters, a team of doctors from China arrived in Italy earlier to help with the outbreak as China tries to return the favor of western aid. They’ve reportedly brought respirators and other medical equipment to aid in the effort.

President Trump is speaking at 3pmET, where he may declare a national emergency, while Nancy Pelosi goes on at 2pm.

Denmark and Poland said they will close their borders to all non-citizens in a bid to curb the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The move comes as Denmark recorded its 800th case of the deadly illness on Friday, and Poland its 68th. Elsewhere in Europe, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine have closed their borders to foreigners, while a number of other countries have restricted travel to and from virus hotspots like Italy and Spain.

Germany and France, however, have stuck by their commitment to keep their borders open. French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that he would not shut French borders, declaring that “Coronavirus has no passport.” Merkel, meanwhile, declined to join neighboring Austria in banning entry to Germany from Italy.