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Wagner fighters are storming streets of Bakhmut

Over the past week, the situation on the various fronts in Ukraine has not undergone significant change.

  • Wagner fighters have significantly intensified the onslaught on Ukrainian positions in the city of Bakhmut. While the Ukrainian military has reinforced the grouping on the outskirts, furiously fighting to prevent the Russians from encircling the city, Wagner has relied on direct assaults on the city streets.

In the north of Bakhmut, after taking control of the non-ferrous Metals Plant, Wagner’s assault groups continue mop operations in the industrial zone and adjacent territories. Clashes broke out in the Selische district along Levanevsky Street.

In the center of the city, after taking control of the central market area, Russian fighters stormed Ukrainian positions along Nizhnyaya Street. Fighting is approaching the city administration district.

In the south of Bakhmut, the districts of Sobachevka and Budenovka came under full Russian control.

Wagner fighters moved the front to the north of Shirokaya and Mariupol Streets, approaching the city center from the south.

  • Outside the city, in the areas of Krasny, Khromovo and Orekhovo-Vasilevka, the front line has not changed. Fighting continues for control of key positions and for the route to Konstantinovka.
  • The head of the US General Staff claimed that about 6 thousand permanent Wagner contractors and between 20-30 thousand former prisoners recruited in the ranks of the PMC are fighting in Bakhmut.

Whether this is true or not is unknown; but it is clear that they are fighting very effectively. In turn, the head of Wagner Prigozhin previously stated that the Ukrainian army had concentrated a grouping of up to 80,000 fighters in nearby settlements. To date, they have achieved no success.

  • Despite the sharply deteriorating weather conditions, Russian troops continue their advance north of Avdiivka, attempting to destroy the Ukrainian strongholds in the forest area south of Novobakhmutovka.

Amid the increasing risk of encirclement, the Ukrainian authorities banned journalists and volunteers from entering Avdiivka. City services were evacuated. Mobile phone communications were reportedly cut off in the city to prevent pro-Russian citizens from reporting data on the location of Ukrainian positions on the streets.

  • In recent days, Russian units managed to advance in Marinka. After being surrounded from two sides, the Ukrainian forces were forced to retreat from the strongholds in the church and some administration buildings in the central district of the city.

Ukrainian facilities came under another massive attack by Russian missiles and drones.

Over the past day, at least six explosions thundered in Kharkov. Some military targets in the Sumy region and in the city of Slavyansk were destroyed. A power facility was hit in Kramatorsk. Several Russian missiles struck Zaporozhye. Local authorities reported that an infrastructure facility was damaged. Local sources also reported explosions in the Chernihiv and Poltava regions.