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Wake Up America. You’ve been conned. Only an estimated 9,683 COVID-19 only deaths so far in 2020, not 180,000

About half-way down the screen page The Center for Health Statistics August 26, 2020 update on provisional death counts for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) states the following: “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.”

Oh. You mean America is not undergoing a pandemic? On average, abut 8000 people die per day from all causes in the United States. In the first 8 months of 2020 there were only ~1200 excess deaths per month or 40 extra deaths per day exclusively due to COVID-19 coronavirus infections, with 80% of those among American age 65 and older. By extrapolation, there were only ~8 excess COVID-19 only deaths per day among working-age adults and school-age children.

Translation: of the 161,392 accumulated COVID-19 RELATED deaths reported as of August 22, 2020 (80% being among Americans age 75 and older), only 6% or ~9683 accumulated deaths were classified as COVID-19 only.

Among these COVID-19 only deaths, ~60% were age 75 and older; 80% were age 65 and older. So, there were only ~2000 COVID-only deaths in working age adults and school-age children.


Lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing and face masks were an overkill, permanently destroying lives as businesses went bankrupt and the future of young Americans were quashed.

Americans over age 75 who have co-morbid conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, pneumonia, obesity and heart disease who died with COVID-19 lung infection in addition to their comorbid conditions would probably have been on their deathbeds regardless of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Just one-half of 1%

About 240 days have passed from January 1 to August 31st. If we calculate for average total deaths per day (~8000), that comes to 1,920,000 deaths in the US in the first 8 months of 2020. An estimated additional 9683 accumulated deaths (excess deaths) were attributed to COVID-19 only infections, for a total of ~1,930,000 total death, with 9683 COVID-only deaths being about one-half of 1% all deaths.

For a one-half of one-percent increase in deaths, this country was locked down, the populace made forever fearful and draconian measures threw millions out of work and ruined small and even large businesses.

By comparison

For comparison, an estimated ~33,800 Americans died of the Hong Kong flu in 1968, which was the mildest flu pandemic in the 20th century. Yet life in the US went on as normal during the Hong Kong flu.

How do we erase fear?

So, how do we erase these fears of a virus that really wasn’t as big a killer as advertised? How do we begin shaking hands with people again? How do we overcome our fear that others may be harboring the COVID-19 and infecting our lungs? How do we stop washing down shopping carts in grocery stores since COVID-19 lung infections require airborne transmission? Viral transfer of any respiratory virus from contact on any surface is not the common way people are infected the CDC concedes.

How do we stop airports from temperature checks and quarantines for incoming flyers? Americans almost need to do into therapy to overcome a news-media driven phobia.

Who will be accountable?

How do we take those fearmongers in government and medicine and make them accountable for what appears to be contrived pandemic to cover for a collapsing economy, used as an excuse to get rid of paper money and usher in a worldwide digital currency that will be controlled by unelected parties who will essentially rule the world and needlessly force vaccines on the entire human population?

More deaths of despair

There may have been more deaths from despair (estimated 75,000 suicides) from calling a pandemic in the U.S. than from the COVID-19 coronavirus itself.

What do we do with all those billions of needless vaccines that have already been purchased by government health agencies? The health sector of the stock market would crash with notification the epidemic has been called off.

Needless vaccination

This means America will attempt to vaccinate all 328,000,000 citizens to spare ~10,000 lives. That means 327,990,000 will be needlessly be vaccinated.

And a licensed vaccine may only be 50% effective, making it an even more remote chance immunization will actually prevent future coronavirus infections.

There is a stronger likelihood far more Americans will experience serious vaccine-related side effects than develop any long-term immunity as it has been found the antibodies against COVID-19 don’t last very long.

One redeeming discovery

Americans found out how to stay healthy without all the doctoring and running to the hospital. Americans found that vitamin and mineral supplements actually work, despite modern medicine looking disparagingly at them.

  • It was discovered zinc-dependent T-cells, not antibodies, kill off COVID-19 coronaviruses.
  • The lack of sunshine vitamin D in winter explains the seasonal wintertime onset of all infectious diseases.
  • Selenium prevent viruses from mutating. Vitamin C activates sluggish white blood cells and is curative when administered intravenously.
  • Zinc lozenges are now routinely used in intensive care units for lung infections.

Why would any American want to go back to conventional medicine?

Original: Bill Sardi