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War in Gaza is slowly reaching its end as Israel runs out of options: analyst

Menachem Klein, professor of political science at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, says, “The war is dying out very slowly and very heavily towards an interim ceasefire that may be expanded, and finish the war all out.”

Speaking from West Jerusalem, Klein says that Israel did not show the US that it has a sound plan to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Rafah if the Israeli military carries out an incursion there.

  • “It’s hard for the US to convince Israel to step down from the tree that it sits on with absolute war goals that are unachievable and this is the US’s job at the moment,” Klein says.
  • “If the hostages are back in Israel, then the way to early elections is open. Netanyahu is unwilling to have early elections, It’s against his political and personal agenda and interests.”

Source: Al Jazeera