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Washington Lost Media Battle with Russia as Joe Went Into Ostrich Mode

Two days ago US President Joe Biden had the guts to call Russian President Vladimir Putin a “killer”, provoking media scandal and further deterioration of diplomatic relations between the two sides.

“Joe the Terrible” warned Moscow to pay for alleged meddling in US elections.

After Putin responded to him with a childish joke, and the Kremlin invited Washington to initiate an open discussion between the Presidents, Joe went into ostrich mode.

Only two days ago, the Biden’s accusations against Putin gained the headlines of all main media platforms.

However, today you will hardly find any information on his response to Kremlin’s proposition.

On March 18, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki noted that probably US President would not communicate with his Russian counterpart anytime soon.

“I have nothing to tell you about future negotiations. The President will be in Georgia tomorrow and will be very busy,” she said.

Biden himself was even less wordy. On March 19, he only said that such a conversation is possible someday, somehow.

“I’m sure we’ll talk at some point.” – Biden said, speaking to reporters at the White House.

Putin stressed that such contact with Biden can take place “provided that it is a direct, honest conversation, in fact, on the air.”

“Please, we are ready at any time, convenient for the American side, and I’ll give the relevant instructions to the Foreign Ministry right now,” Putin said. “At the weekend, I want to go to Taiga, have a little rest there.”

While Biden is mincing his words to respond to Putin, Russian Ambassador to the U.S., who was not recalled but only summoned to Moscow for consultations, thanks US citizens who sent letters to the embassy in support of friendly relations between the two countries.

Russian President was also supported by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He said on Friday that US President Joe Biden’s comments about Russia’s leader were “unacceptable” and “not fitting of a president”.

According to Putin’s comments on Biden’s offense, one of the main reasons of misunderstanding between the two sides is American misperception of the Russians.

It is even more evident after the American journalists tried to translate the claims of the Russian President.

His joke “I’m rubber and you’re glue! Bad names bounce off me and stick to you!” was translated as “It takes one to know one”, which completely changes the sense of the claim.

It is unlikely to be caused by incompetence of Western journalist, but rather an intentional media campaign.

Putin’s wish of good health for Biden was treated as a threat by all major Western MSM.

For example, USNews wrote on the issue:

“Though unlikely a threat of physical harm against Biden himself, many drew parallels to the series of Russian dissidents who have fallen victim to poisoning attacks – most recently Alexei Navalny – and other methods of assassination, many of which U.S. officials believe were ordered by Putin.”

Despite the media speculations, the health condition of U.S. President raises concerns.

The video of him falling three times on the steps of his plane became a new media sensation.

Some jokes on this issue were spread in social media: Donald Trump gives us a nice golf swing as Joe Biden is tripping up the stairs to Kamala Harris’s hyena laughter.

It seems that Washington has completely lost the round in a media battle that it has started itself.