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Watch: About 4,000 Ethiopians demonstrate in Jerusalem, demanding ‘Operation Solomon 2’

4,000 members of the Ethiopian community are protesting outside the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, calling for their relatives to be brought to Israel in light of the security situation.

Uri Frednik, chairman of the struggle for the Aliyah of Ethiopian Jews, said, “From all over the country, Ethiopians whose brothers and sisters are in danger of death in the Jewish communities of Addis Ababa and Gondar have come.”

“Those waiting are the flesh and blood of the community in Israel. Their parents, brothers and sisters have been here in Israel for decades. ”

“The government must carry out ‘Operation Solomon 2’ and help all those waiting to make Aliyah before an irreversible catastrophe occurs. Prime Minister Bennett and Interior Minister Shaked can follow in the footsteps of Begin and Shamir who ignored external pressure and did the right thing, or be remembered as being idle and not preventing a catastrophe that will change the community In Israel forever,” he added.

Source: Arutz Sheva