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Watch: Australian Open fans boo political announcement

The crowd at the Australian Open on Sunday gave a “timely reality check on the media political class” when the Tennis Australia president made her speech, according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.

The trophy ceremony for the Australian Open men’s final was marred by booing after Tennis Australia President Jayne Hrdlicka mentioned the coronavirus vaccine rollout in a speech.

“Booing a vaccine? Give me a break,” Mr Kenny said.

He noted the crowd also booed “praise for the Victorian government”.

“The reason people boo political statements by officials, politicians and even players at sporting events is because they are there to focus on sport, and to escape the antagonism of things like politics,” Mr Kenny said.

“There is more than enough preening, posturing, and overreach on the pandemic now in every walk of life, we don’t need it turning up at a moment when we should be just celebrating sporting excellence.”

Source: Sky News Australia