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Watch: Biden plagiarizes Reagan, chides navy class for not applauding

United States President Joe Biden humorously berated his audience after a lacklustre reaction to his bungled attempt to repeat a Ronald Reagan line.

Sky News host Rita Panahi said,

“… he not only messed up Reagan’s line but then he insulted the audience because they didn’t applause”.

“Even when he’s reading from an autocue he messes up.”

“He was expecting wild applause like Reagan got but got nothing and so he started telling the audience they’re dull and stupid and suffering from heat stroke.”

Source: Sky News Australia

The commander in chief sure has a lot of contempt for those who volunteered to protect him and this country.

He put all the words in the wrong place making the line incoherent and empty.

Only another demented person could of understood who he was plagiarizing and what he was trying to convey.