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WATCH: COVID-19 prevention Moscow-style! City transport authority hires ballroom dancers in attempt to make PPE fashionable

Will making it look glamorous do the trick? Moscow’s Department of Transport has produced an elaborate ballroom dancing-themed video to encourage residents of Europe’s largest city to wear masks and gloves on the public transport network.

The wearing of protective gear has been mandatory on the capital’s buses and metro since early May, but non-compliance has been high, and enforcement has been patchy. With the ever-growing number of cases now appearing in Moscow, the city has amped up the glamour.

Filmed on a metro train, the video depicts two ballroom dancers moving through the carriages, performing various styles of dance. Written in text, a message reads, “You can only use public transport with mask and gloves!”

The video comes after Russia’s most famous dancing institution, the Bolshoi Ballet, reported that 124 employees had COVID-19 as of Tuesday this week.

Despite having less than 10 percent of the country’s population, Moscow has over a quarter of Russia’s officially confirmed coronavirus cases.

Source: RT