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Watch: Donbass Fighters addressed European, US Taxpayers, showing trophy equipment In Lisichansk

  • The exhibits include Ukrainian weapons as well as foreign equipment supplied by the Kiev’s Western allies.

“Well, here is an exhibition of the achievements of the Ukrainian Defense Industry, which was kindly provided to the Russian troops and the Luhansk People’s Militia in the city of Lisichansk. Now there is such an exposition here, you can see which samples of weapons were taken as trophies during the operation to liberate the Severodonetsk and Lisichansk agglomeration.

You see there is a self-propelled artillery system “Carnation”, there are tanks T-62s, BMP-2s, several units at once.

In fact, there are dozens of pieces of equipment here, and of course this area cannot accommodate the entire line of weapons that were abandoned by Ukrainian troops during the retreat.

The fact is that almost all the ways to retreat in the direction of Seversk were cut off, i.e. there were only field roads along which Ukrainians could leave, but without equipment. There were cases when they tried to break through in columns, the columns were destroyed by the allied artillery of Lugansk troops, Russian troops. They had no chance to escape in large columns, so they were thrown here. The equipment is all in working order.

Tactical signs “Z” have already been applied to many samples of equipment, they are fighting as well as samples of small arms are fighting.

  • Well, for example, the British armored car “Saxon AT-105A”. Here “Varta” is also an armored car, already of Ukrainian production. The famous “Cossack” is also a vehicle for transporting personnel for delivery to the front. This is a “Cougar”, a regular “Grad”. “MT-LB” is also used to remove the wounded from the battlefield. These are vehicles for pontoon crossings over water barriers, across rivers. Here are a little “tired” – “BRDM” and the anti-aircraft missile system “Osa”.

This is the line of equipment that is presented at this impromptu exhibition. Of course there is actually much more equipment, several dozen units.”